Anti Dandruff Hair Pack – 100 gms


Dandruff, termed as Darunaka or Arunshika in Ayurveda, is often characterized by itching & hair fall. Ayurveda prescribes holistic treatments for prevention and cure of dandruff. The Ancient Living Anti Dandruff Pack contains 7 potent herbs to fight dandruff effectively.

Neem the active ingredient in the pack is anti microbial while Khus Khus has cleansing properties. Regular use keeps hair soft, healthy and dandruff free. For maximum results, use Ancient Living head massage oils followed by ritualistic hair cleansing using Ancient Living Hair Washes. Ayurveda describes Amla as a fruit which is not only auspicious but also highly nourishing due to its high content of natural Vit C. Brahmi, is an Adaptogenic Herb is known to be a nerve tonic, rejuvenator, & stress reducer. Hibiscus, also known as flower of hair care, is mucilaginous, rich in amino acids, making it an excellent choice for hair care. Methi provides protein to the hair.