Ashta Dasa Hair Oil


Ashtadasa Hair Oil is a premium blend of 18 most revered ayurvedic herbs carefully selected by Ancient Living to make your hair healthy and strong. The Sanskrit name for number 18 is Ashtadasa & 18 unique herbs have been blended to support your hair care regimen.

This unique hair oil is prepared in the Ayurvedic traditional method known as Taila Paka Vidhi. Precious fresh herbs are cleaned, dried and finely ground to a paste using water and boiled to extract a highly potent decoction to which coconut base oil is added. It is then heated gently over many hours to allow the moisture content to evaporate. The final product is filtered and stored. This process spans over many days and is performed under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts.

The Himalayan Jatamansi is known to combat stress. Brahmi, the cerebral herb, has all round calming effect while encouraging hair growth. Yashtimadhu prevents alopecia while Mandukaparni prevents greying of hair. These along with other amazing herbs will work together to make your hair strong, shiny and healthy.