Baarbara Berry Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans – 250 gms


As the morning mist over the slopes of the Western Ghats settles down on the rich biodiversity of the Chandra Dhrona mountain in Chikamaglur, its dampness on the 5000 feet elevation of the mountains, and the fertility of the soil nourishes the lush vegetation wherein nests the Baarbara Berry Coffee Plantation. These Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans epitomize the Arabica breed of Coffee that grows under the shade of the natural blanket that spreads across these high slopes. This single origin coffee of grade AA grown by a certified plantation has been carefully handpicked, pulped, fermented over 16 hours, washed with the water from a pristine stream and then sun dried for nearly 10 days. Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans have a taste that will surely awaken your thoughts and put you in a blissful state.