Bamboo Rice – 500 gm-1Kg


When a giant woody grass is about to breathe its last, it serves a glorious final breath and its eternal sigh is the sound of the jade-coloured rice. Bamboo Rice is a special rice that grows at the end of bamboo grass’s lifespan. It is not produced throughout the year like normal rice. The True Elements Bamboo Rice is a unique product in itself. It has a distinctive colour which can go with a lot of cuisines.

Bamboo Rice has an aroma of jasmine which can impart a whole new taste to your recipes. It is also nutritional and a healthier substitute for ordinary rice. There is a slight pungency in the smell but tastes sweet when properly cooked. It becomes sticky after cooking.

  • Low glycaemic index
  • Rich source of antioxidants
  • Rich in vitamin B
  • Good for diabetic people
  • Consists of complex carbs
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