Beard Wash Gold Rush – For a Smooth and Softer Beard – 60 ml


Having a beard is no easy task. It needs to be nourished and taken care of. Most men think that using hair shampoo or face wash on the beard is okay. No, it’s not!

Your facial hair is different and needs to be treated differently. The Gold Rush Beard Wash has the right conditioning and moisturizing effect to keep your beard and the skin underneath soft and nourished. The searing heat of the city sometimes damages your beard. The Gold Rush Wash gives a tranquil feeling of freshness that will leave your beard feeling rich and shining. The product has been approved by Wild West Bounty Hunters.

  • Makes your beard soft and stops itching; It doesn’t take away the natural oil of your skin.
  • A small amount is enough to create a rich lather. A little wash goes a long way and the 60 ml size will last for a good amount of time. Perfect for any beard growth stage.
  • Highly effective against dry facial hair, ideal for all skin types; Leaves your beard clean and your skin moisturized
  • Cleans the beard and opens the pores for better beard growth.
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