Homemade Barnyard Millet Cashew Cookies


Barnyard Millet or Samvat ke Chawal, with its high nutritional profile, should already belong on our tables. It has 6 times more fiber than wheat, making it an ideal weight loss millet. Apart from this, millet is a rich source of bone-building minerals calcium and phosphorus. Combined with cashew, these cookies can be enjoyed by adults and kids alike.

All Nutrii Bowl recipes bring traditional food wisdom back into modern lives. Only the best natural, high quality, real and wholesome ingredients are used to prepare the cookies. No preservatives, baking soda, white flour, sugar, colour or flavor have been used – making these cookies completely natural and organic.

Note: Each order is freshly homemade and it normally takes out 5-7 business days for shipment. This clearly shows that the products are literally delivered from the Nutrii Bowl kitchen right to your home.