Nischala Meditation Mat – Pratigraha – Made with Vetiver Grass, Neem & Organic Cotton


Ancient knowledge describes ‘Pratigraha’ as an offering or a gift. This Vetiver Grass mat is symbolic of the versatility of Vetiver Grass (Khus Khus) – a true gift of nature. Various scriptures including the Vedas, emphasise the benefits of Vetiver Grass as it reinforces inner balance. The calming and grounding energy imparted by this mat can tune your mind and body into a state of harmony and improve body functions.

This eco friendly meditation mat comes with a Neem-dyed cover that is 100% sustainable and biodegradable. Neem is known for its healing properties that combat skin-related diseases. Not only is this meditation mat the right choice for those looking to start on their Yoga journey, it’s ideal for maintaining a sound mental and physical health.

Size: 31 x 21 inches
Weight: 500 gms

Disclaimer: As a handmade product, some inconsistencies in colour and size may occur, however the properties of the mat remain unaffected. The lines on the cover are marks from the cloth being manually twisted during the dyeing process.

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