Mudran Black Turquoise Potali Mirror Handmade Neckpiece


Presenting ‘Mudran’, a beautiful collection of skillfully handcrafted jewellery, upcycled using the elegant art of block printing. It’s sure to leave a lasting impression wherever you go! After all, footprints in the sand can get washed away, but an imprint left behind by someone stays forever in the soul.

The age old craft of block-printing has been revived through design to create an eccentric new collection of embellishes. These beautiful pieces are individually handcrafted out of upcycled PET bottles and block printed textiles. Traditional “booties” of block print designs are beautifully engineered into jewellery, to bring out the aesthetics of folk in your ensemble. These lightweight trinkets go very well with Indian formals as well as casuals.

Disclaimer: Ba No Batwo products are upcycled and handcrafted with utmost sincerity and care, but there may be slight discrepancies in the shape/size/texture and cannot be considered as defects.