Palmarosa Essential Oil – 10 ml


This rosy cousin of lemongrass has been used in India to make incense blends for centuries. It is one of the favorite essential oils used in aromatherapy because it possesses a multitude of therapeutic properties.

When diffused, this rosy, lemony fragrance can change the ambience of your house or workplace. When used as massage oil it improves blood circulation. It gives you a clearer complexion by eliminating acne. When used as bath oil it helps you unwind and refreshes your mind. It helps creates a soothing environment which helps you get a good night’s sleep. It also acts a natural insect repellent when diffused.

This pure and organic Essential Oil has been extracted from the leaves of the palmarosa grass which is known botanically as Cymbopogon martini. It has a sweet, delicate, rosy fragrance with lemony undertones.

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