Pure Raw Honey – 225 gms


DYU, pronounced [dh-yuh],means ‘To glow’. And that’s what you will find inside every bottle of DYU Pure Raw Honey. Tatva Agro tech presents Honey in its purest form as found in nature, straight from the hive to your home! Sourced from the Western Ghats region in Karnataka, DYU – Pure Raw Honey is multifloral Apis Cerana Indica honey. Extracted straight from the honeycomb, strained & bottled to ensure all the original nutrient value found in raw honey are intact. Rich in minerals, vitamins, amino acids, enzymes, anti inflammatory, antiseptic & anti oxidant properties.

Raw honey is a great choice for better health, as a natural sweetener & energiser. DYU – Pure Raw Honey is unprocessed, unheated & unpasteurised.

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