Sprouted Ragi with Dry Nuts Powder


Sprouted Ragi with Dry Nuts Powder is an extremely healthy and filling drink that you can serve as a breakfast or a snack. Due to the cooling properties of Ragi, this drink is highly recommended in the summer months when the mercury soars high and body needs to cool down and stay hydrated. This sprouted ragi with dry nuts powder is a kids friendly recipe. If you are suffering from mouth ulcer, indigestion or constipation, then this is a super food. It is safe to be given to babies of age one year plus after introducing each nut and ragi flour separately to rule out allergies.

This very rare ragi powder mix is really delicious and full of the goodness of the ragi millet. We need 0.8 g of protein per kilogram of our body weight. This recipe is rich in proteins and mineral magnesium. It is a perfect diet for growing children.

All Nutrii Bowl recipes begin with what our grandmothers made for us as kids, bringing traditional food wisdom back into modern lives. Only the best natural, high quality, real and wholesome ingredients are used to prepare the mixes. This ensures that your child gets what he or she needs to grow healthy and strong. No preservatives, added salt or sugar, colour or flavor are used. Making the baby food completely natural and organic.

Who Can Use: Babies 1 year and above

Note: Each order is freshly homemade and it normally takes out 5-7 business days for shipment. This clearly shows that the products are literally from the Nutrii Bowl kitchen right away to your bowl.