Thyme Essential Oil – 10 ml


In ancient Greece, flowers of the thyme plant were gifted to knights and warriors because it was believed to brings courage to the bearer. In today’s world, these abilities of thyme stand true in terms of the energy boost it can give to the user of Thyme Essential Oil. Its sweet, spicy aroma is carefully enclosed in a 10 ml bottle.

It can keep your skin looking healthy and clear when massaged. You can ward off diseases by diffusing thyme essential oil which is full of medicinal benefits. When used as a bath oil. it’s lovely, fresh smell can relieve you of anxiety. When used as massage oil it improves your blood circulation. Its fresh, herbaceous aroma is revitalising and nourishing to the body.

This pure and organic Essential Oil has been extracted from the fresh or partly dried flowering tops and leaves of the thyme plant by water or steam distillation at Ancient Living’s sustainable farm. It has fresh, green and herbal top notes and sweet and spicy undertones.

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