Zero Plastic Travel Cutlery Kit


Astu Eco’s Travel Cutlery Kit is your complete solution to help minimize your plastic footprint during travel. The handy pouch is made from eco-friendly material and contains essential reusable steel cutlery that you may need when on the road.

Products included:

1. Steel box – 6 inch wide and 2 inch deep

2. Steel Tumbler – 2.5 inches wide mouth and 2 inch long

3. Steel Straw + Coir brush cleaner – 7.5 inch long and 6mm wide

4. Steel Spoon – 5 inch long

5. Steel Fork – 5 inch long

6. Eco friendly pouch to hold all the above intact & compact – 10.5 x 7.5 x  2.5 inches

Save mother earth from harmful, single use disposable plastic by buying earth friendly products from Astu Eco.

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