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Adil Small BW


‘Rooted’ is perhaps the best word that describes Adil. One of the most versatile actors, both on stage and in films, Adil has achieved much acclaim in India and internationally. He strongly believes that we are intrinsically linked to nature and our understanding of the environment has to be profound. Adil supports a number of initiatives on raising environmental awareness as, no matter how much is done, it is not enough if we truly want to save Earth for the generations to come.

victor mugshot small

vijay krishna acharya
film director, writer

More popularly known as Victor, he is a leading Director, Writer and Lyricist. He has been the face and force behind a number of hugely successful films and television series. Victor believes in humility in thought and action, especially when it comes to how we interact with our environment. He believes in the importance of being constantly aware and to observe the impact we have on our ecology as a way of ensuring the long term survival of our planet.

Rita Banerji

rita banerji
wildlife film maker

A highly acclaimed Wildlife Filmmaker and Environmentalist, most of Rita’s work has been around people and animals, and the issues confronting them. With the strong belief that natural resources are the backbone of our existence and that to bring about actual change on the ground, it is important to work with communities, Rita initiated the Green Hub Project that trains the youth of the northeast region in visual documentation and conservation. After all, it is they who will be the change makers of tomorrow.