All Things Copper – Bottle, Tongue Cleaner, Straw, Cleaner


Healthwise Copper is an essential trace mineral which plays significant role in making red blood cells, producing energy, maintaining nerve cells and the immune system. Incorporating copper in your lifestyle can boost your health. Here’s a terrific blend of copper essentials to get you going!

The kit contains:

Copper Bottle x 1 – Storing and drinking water from a copper bottle ensures water purity by eliminating bacteria, fungi and micro-organisms.

Copper Tongue Cleaner x 1 – It can eliminate bacteria and debris from the tongue to give a better sense of taste and to promote overall oral & digestive health.

Reusable Copper Straw set (1 Bent + 1 Straight) – To introduce benefits of Copper into your beverages

Straw Cleaner x 1

Packaging – We ensure that all our packaging is as eco-friendly as possible