Hydrating Shampoo – 50-200 ml


Ancient Living Hydrating shampoo is made of high quality natural essential oils and Ayurvedic herbs which have healing qualities beneficial for hair. Ayurveda was developed by the great seers in Vedic ages who realised that every plant has immense potential to help human beings. Ancient Living brings to you the secrets of Ayurveda in a convenient and ready to use form.

Ancient Living Hydrating Shampoo is made with a gentle coconut derived cleansing base enriched with natural Tea Tree Oil which is a potent antibacterial agent. Coconut is mild and its non-drying base ensure softness. Neem and Tea tree oil are natural anti-bacterial oils .They prevent scalp problems. Combined with natural Lemon oil and Neem oil, it forms a strong barrier against dandruff. Soothing Aloe Vera moisturises the scalp and Jojoba conditions the scalp. This all natural shampoo leaves your hair soft and hydrated. Recommended for frequent use.