Organic Cotton Woven Nappy (0-3 Months, Set of 4)


Nappies made of 100% Organic Cotton are extremely soft and safe on a baby’s skin. The breathable fabric is both comfortable and works as a perfect absorbent layer. With a considerably good length of string to tie, the nappies are easy to change. An extra patch of material makes them almost leak free. The set comes with 2 nappies in natural colour and 2 in white.

Disposable diapers contain chemicals that may cause skin rashes, and besides, they can take up to 500 years to decompose! But these Organic Cloth Nappies can be reused a number of times and they cause no harm to the environment. Changing the nappies often will keep the baby’s skin dry, free from rashes and healthy. A perfect choice for eco-conscious parents!