Premium Beard Growth Oil – Forest Rustle – 30 ml


100% Natural Beard Oil. Yes, you read that right! Created with the most premium and effective oils like Jojoba, Hazelnut, Argan and Sweet Almond Oil – the Forest Rustle Beard Oil by Saint Beard has the perfect combination to make your beard soft and nourished. Benefits of Saint Beard’s 100% natural Beard Oil include reduction in itching, repair of damaged hair, and a shine without making your beard greasy.

Sweet Almond oil: Is a Beauty Aid and Shine Enhancer. It contains magnesium which strengthens hair at the root, and stops excessive breakage. The light texture works as a leave-in conditioner. It fights skin troubles like acne, psoriasis and eczema, thus treating and preparing your skin for a healthy beard.
Hazelnut oil: Filters out UV rays and acts like a natural sunscreen. It works as a skin astringent that firms the living tissues and helps soak up oils and shrink pores. The anti-bacterial elements assist in battling skin bacteria to lessen blackheads and also pimples.
Lavender: One of the utmost essential oils used in aromatherapy. It works as an antiseptic to protect skin that may be prone to attack from harmful bacteria/fungi. It is regenerative and found in various hair treatment formulas.
Vanilla: It blends seamlessly with other oils to make your beard shiny, manageable and untangled. The pleasant fragrance has a calming effect on the brain and is a mood-lifter. Pure vanilla extract contains antioxidants that fight premature-ageing, damaged skin and hair.

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