Reusable Menstrual Cup – Hard (Sky Blue) by Nari Yari


Made of medical grade platinum-cured silicone rubber, the Nari Yari reusable Menstrual Cup can be conveniently used by women to collect period blood. User friendly and with a comfortable rimless design, the cups have an extremely small knob and tapered bottom. This ensures easy and painless removal and insertion. Every Nari Yari Cup is post cured to ensure that it is completely inert, and skin and health friendly.

Manufactured under safe conditions, with special care by an ISO compliant company, the raw material is sourced from Six Sigma Manufacturing Companies which ensures consistency and quality products. These cups can last for up to 5 years (recommended usage) and help you have a comfortable worry-free period. Not only do they help in avoiding disposable sanitary product linked infections and itches, they are also better for the environment and help you have a Zero-Waste period. They are extremely economical in the long run too. Nari Yari cups come in 100% Plastic-Free Packaging and are a great solution for the conscious woman!

Size: Length 56 mm x Diameter- 46mm

Note: This cup is meant to be used by sexually and physically active women. It has a capacity of 23ml.

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