Why Choose Organic Cotton?

We often think of organic as only associated with food but the term extends to include fabric material too. When we take care of what goes inside our body, why not also think of the material that covers it. While cotton fabric has always been the preferred material for the conscious consumer, it is being slowly replaced by Organic Cotton. You may ask, what’s the difference?

The main difference is in the methods and materials used to grow it. Organic cotton growing system lessens the impact on our environment as it replenishes and maintains soil fertility. It uses far 71% less water and 62% less energy than conventional cotton crop. And most importantly, the crops are grown without any pesticides, insecticides or herbicides. There is also no space for Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). This natural system of growing cotton is good for us and for the environment as farmers, workers, consumers, and entire wildlife ecosystems are spared the toxins.

Did you know that conventionally grown cotton uses more insecticides than any other crop in the world? This leads to many farmers suffering from serious health issues. Chemicals seep into ground and run-off water, poisoning water bodies which eventually reach us. The toxants are also trapped within the threads that are ultimately woven to make our clothes.

As conscious consumers, when you buy organic cotton you invest in water conservation, cleaner air, better health, better soil and farmer livelihoods. Explore brands like No Nasties, Woodwose, Lavos, Kural 33 and Shumee on WeChoose for a range of organic cotton linen, apparel and other products for men, women and children.