Blazed Orb – Handcrafted Shoes by Funky Kalakar


Passion is the fire that burns within your soul. Despite being a source of great energy, it requires careful moderation. The deep red symbolizes an aggression which drives you to your goals, while the black like the earth, acts as your grounding cornerstone and helps you move to other powers as you grow.

100% handcrafted, the soles are made from upcycling rubber from scrap tires, and are slip-free. The upper is made of canvas cotton and is lined with breathable cotton fabric and has an upcycled soft cushion padding on the bottom for day-long comfort. The pair comes packed in its own reusable cotton tote bag.

This pair of Funkies is designed and produced in an ethical and sustainable manner. It not only considers the environment but also empowers underprivileged cobblers.

Note: This pair comes with Free Shipping

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