Brahmi Amla Shampoo Bar – 90 gms, Single Bar


A super combo for luxuriant hair! Amla or Gooseberry, is a fruit best known for its high levels of vitamin C, and is great for hair care. It adds lustre, softness to the hair and does away with scalp dryness. Amla is also a rich source of essential fatty acids that serve to keep the hair follicles strong and nourish the hair from the roots. It has anti-dandruff properties and also reduces hair fall. Brahmi, on the other hand, is known to make hair thicker and more nourished. Brahmi coats the hair follicles with a layer of protection that provides lustre and reduces the possibility of split ends. Recommended for: Weak hair and hair with dandruff.

Disclaimer: Since these are handmade soaps, no two bars look alike, but they have the same properties.

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