Chilli Masala Pumpkin Seeds – 125 gms


Pumpkin Seeds are one of the most healthy, low-calorie snack which help curb hunger pangs in no time. Light and crispy, with a warm, nutty flavour, these seeds when spiced up with chilli powder make for a lip-smacking hot, peppery on-the-go snack.

True Elements Chilli Masala Pumpkin Seeds are premium quality AAA graded pumpkin seeds which are 100% natural, giving your taste buds a spicy kick while maintaining your health. These spiced pumpkin seeds make a curious snack for cocktail parties, and are a nutritional beast filled with essential nutrients and antioxidants.

● Good source of Zinc
● Loaded with essential Vitamins
● Has a good amount of Phosphorus
● Rich in Antioxidants
● Spicy twist to the bland pumpkin seeds