Hibiscus & Bhringraj Hair Oil


Ancient Living Hibiscus and Bhringraj Hair Oil is a harmonious blend of valuable herbs processed as per the ancient method of Taila Paka Vidhi or oil extraction. Bhringraj, literally translated as King of Tresses, has the ability to revitalize hair and fight premature greying. Hibiscus, also known as Japapushpa, contains anthocyanins and flavonoids that help prevent alopecia and gives nourishment and shine to hair. The exotic fragrance of fresh steam distilled flowers Ylang Ylang adds to this delightful oil.

This unique hair oil is prepared in the Ayurvedic traditional method known as Taila Paka Vidhi. Precious fresh herbs are cleaned, dried and finely ground to a paste using water and boiled to extract a highly potent decoction to which coconut base oil is added. It is then heated gently over many hours to allow the moisture content to evaporate. The final product is filtered and stored. This process spans over many days and is performed under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts.