Native Game: Pachisi/Indian Ludo/Chausar/Board Game (Crafted in Raw Silk)


Ancient Living adds yet another board game crafted in raw silk to its collection by bringing to you an encapsulated form of history, entertainment, and traces of our culture – Pachisi. Chaupad in Hindi, Pagade in Kannada, Parcheesi in English, Sokkattan in Tamil, Pagdi Pat in Marathi – an invention of medieval India, the game that has been a traditional depiction throughout our rich mythology. The foundation to the board games that followed; a game that captured the attention of Akbar – a devoted player of Pachisi!

A traditional Indian dice game played with 2 or 4 players. There is also a belief that this game may have been a precursor to the modern day board game – Ludo. Hand-stitched in Raw silk and woven with the finest fabric, this board lives up to the grandeur of the game, leaving you to time-travel to the days of kings and courtyards.

Dimensions: 60 x 60 cm