Pocket Diaper (Blue Dots) + 1 Microfiber Insert


Bumberry Pocket Diapers are ideal for longer diapering times. Bumberry Wet-free pocket layer can keep your baby’s bum wet free, while the four layer high absorbent microfiber soaker inside the pocket locks in the moisture. The insert can be removed to be washed and used again. The pocket also makes it ideal for active babies as it keeps the soaker from moving around and holds it in place.

Suitable from newborn to 3 years. Size can be adjusted in the same diaper (one size concept). Instructions included in brochure. It is recommended to keep the baby, diaper free for some hours between intermittent diaper changes.

Be an environment-conscious parent – say no to single-user disposable diapers.

Note: This product comes with Free Shipping