Pure Raw Honey For Pets – 450 gms


Animals are close to nature even though their dwellings might change. For all you pet lovers, Tatva Agro Tech bring “tti” pronounced [thi] (means Gift in Sanskrit), purest Apis cerana indica, the Indian honey bee honey in its most natural raw form. Sourced from the Western Ghats which is known for its rich flora and fauna; making the multi floral raw honey rich in medicinal value as well as taste.

Feeding raw honey to pets is not a new revelation, but is gaining popularity thanks to the shifting focus on natural and holistic pet health.

  • Raw honey is unheated, unpasteurized or unprocessed; so as to ensure that all the natural vitamins, living enzymes and other nutritional elements are preserved; This is why raw honey should be given to your pet and not processed honey; Raw honey is a superfood, natural supplement and natural remedy for dogs.
    Honey can be digested very easily by your dog as it is already pre-digested by the bees; Raw honey is visually smoky and is cloudier than processed honey; It may contain particles and flecks made of bee pollen, bee wax and even honeycomb bits.
  • Raw honey contains vitamins A, B-complex, C, D, E and K, plus calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, silicon, sulphur, potassium, manganese, copper and iodine which is good for our furry friend.
  • Raw honey helps combat a whole lot of conditions in dogs like allergies, indigestion, asthma, diarrheal, ear and eye infections and kennel cough; It also helps heal wounds, cuts and burns in dogs.
  • If your dog is diabetic or overweight or has a compromised immune system, consult a holistic veterinarian or canine nutritionist before feeding honey; Don’t give your dog more than one teaspoon of honey per day and consult your holistic veterinarian or canine nutritionist for exact dosage; Do not feed a puppy honey; Honey naturally crystallises, in case TTI crystallises, dip the bottle in warm water and start using it again.

Note: Do not feed honey to puppies and kittens.

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