Nischala Yoga Mat – Dhyanasan – Made with Darbha Grass & Organic Cotton


Dhyanasan, the Darbha grass yoga mat is a tribute to sustained concentration that enriches your yoga practice. Darbha grass radiates purifying powers that can be attributed to its ability to absorb negative vibrations. For this reason, it has been conventionally used in the making of an asana, or seat for meditation that can also ward off negative spiritual energy. Otherwise referred to as Kusha grass, it has a cooling effect and is also known to treat blood-related diseases.

Traditionally woven with organic cotton threads, dyed with neem that is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, this yoga accessory is hand brushed with natural rubber backing for enhanced grip. If you’re seeking a sacred positive space to attain your meditative element, this Darbha grass yoga mat can create a relaxing environment for your mind and body. The mat comes with a yoga mat cover.

Size: 72 x 26 inches
Weight: 800 gms

Disclaimer: As a handmade product, some inconsistencies in colour and size may occur, however the properties of the mat remain unaffected.

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